Who Is This for?

Net Rishta is a website where Pakistani Single muslim and non muslim can find match for purpose of marriage (Shaadi) online.

Net Rishta is developed for Pakistani singles living around the world. Majority of our members are from Pakistan, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, Spain, Italy and other European countries.

Profiles by Parents

We know almost in every marriage in Pakistan parents are highly involved, so, during registration at Net Rishta users have to tell us who is creating this profile; it can be by user him/her self, by sibling (brother or sister) and parents of the profile holder. This gives opportunity to parents of Pakistani Singles to create profile on behalf of their daughters and sons for the purpose of finding right match for marriage.


This website is not only for Pakistani Muslims community, Net Rishta is for Pakistani Singles from all the religions and sectors of Pakistani community, This includes Pakistani Single Muslims, Pakistani Single Christians, Hindis, Sikh and all other communities living in Pakistan and Pakistanis living abroad.


We have also added community section for Pakistani Single Muslims, and users can choose from Muslim Sunni and Muslim Shia Community here, if a member belongs to any other Muslim community then choose others in community section.


We recommend you to tell us if you belong to other community and once we know that there are certain number of people from that community, we will add that to registration section.