What should you consider using an online matrimonial website to find rishta

At NetRishta.com we aim to provide safe and secure web environment to our member where they find their life partners with comfort and ease of mind.

NetRishta.com team screens every profile for inappropriate contents. User typed section of a profile are not visible to other members unless the profile is screened by our dedicated team.

Pictures are made visible to members at NetRistha.com after these are approved by our team.

At NetRishta.com we have very strict policy against abusive behaviour. To make it quick we have efficient reporting system, all reported profiles are considered with high priority and taken serious by our customer relations team. Therefore we request you to report any abusive behaviour immediately. You can either report by clicking report button at bottom of profile page, or you can email to our Customer Relations Team at contact page

There are few things those are not in our control and you have to take control and consider precautions for your own privacy and safety.

Below are few major points we would request you to adopt for a secure usage of NetRishta.com

Contacting system at NetRishta.com, Interest Expressing, private messaging and chatting functions allow you to communicate with other members keeping your personal information secure and protected, until you decide to reveal it once you build trust and confidence on the member you are contacting.

We recommend you not to include personal information e.g. Full Name, Email, Contact telephone numbers, home address, work address and other identifying information in your initial messages.

Take your time before you share personal information with a member. Only reveal your personal contact information once you feel that you can trust on the person you are going to share your personal contact information.

We recommend you to chat using NetRishta.com until you are not ready to take next step.

Start with our chatting and messaging system and after that if you feel comfortable move to emails before sharing personal information. You can also create a separate email id for this purpose with free email provider e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo etc.

Don’t use your official email address when communicating with a person you do not know. Also, don’t use signature lines containing your phone numbers and personal details.

Always ask for pictures, we recommend seeing more than one images in different settings e.g. casual, formal, outdoor, indoor etc. If you hear excuses then it is possible that the other member is hiding something from you. As there is no reason for not uploading images in their profile at NetRishta.com while there are secure and protected features for picture gallery.

Talking on Phone- You can communicate better on phone and it would be quicker to know someone on phone rather than chatting on messengers. But, you should consider few important things while talking to a stranger on phone: Do not user your personal or official phone number; try using a separate prepaid mobile for this purpose. So, even if your contact number is gone to a stranger or in wrong hands then your personal contact details would be safe. In some countries you can also hide your phone number when calling a stranger, so, you can take advantage of hiding caller ID feature to protect your contact details.

So, you have been chatting, talking and now it is time to meet in person. We recommend to include either or both families. You can also take a friend with you at first meeting if you do not want to involve families at this time. If you trust the person to meet at your own then we highly recommend to inform a friend and/or your family about when and where you are going and when will return. Before you go to meet him/her alone leave the name, address and contact details of the person you are going to meet with your friends and/or family member. For the meeting choose a public place (such as café or restaurant), and choose a time when there are some people around. You should also have your own arrangements to commute for the meeting, it can be public transport or private, but do not allow your match to pick you up or drop you at home.

Money Scammers: You should be very careful about money scammers and cons around. Be careful when your match is asking money for whatever reason. In this case stop communicating. You can also report it if required.

We have mentioned few important points for your security and privacy. After all it is you to judge the person, we would request you to be very careful and take all necessary precautions while choosing your match online.

You can share your experience with NetRishta.com by sending us email at contact page

NetRishta.com wish you very best of luck to find you other half.