Why should we use a good matrimonial websites to find rishta online

We are sharing with you our thoughts about how we used to find rishta in our society before and how it is chaning now and how matrimonial website like Net Rishta can help us find a better match

How NetRishta is fulfilling the need of Online Rishta Matrimonial Websites in Pakistan

It’s a journey from drawing room rishta to Netrishta

As we all know, marriage is the beginning- the beginning of a new family, which involves a lifelong commitment. “I DO” are two very small words to say but they bring the beautiful burden of commitment that we make with our partners to be together in good or bad times throughout life till death do us part. In order to make these commitments last, the decision to marry someone must be made wisely. From this one decision comes 90% of your future happiness or misery.

When it comes to finding a suitable rishta, Pakistanis generally find their matches through a variety of ways. Every choice has its benefits and pitfalls.

Conventional Rishta Hunt and Their Issues

Let us talk about our commonly used ways to find matches and pros and cons of these conventional ways of finding rishta

Drawing Room Rishta

You all would have witnessed the drawing room rishta hunt at least once in your lifetime. The girl comes in with tea and offers it to the would-be in-laws with utmost fear of being rejected. The would-be in-laws analyse her from top to toe with their agonizing looks as if they are there to buy something off the shelf from the superstore. So they check every aspect of it before adding it to their cart so that they can take it home with all the specifications they were looking for. We all agree that this entire process of rishta hunt is very awkward if not completely dehumanizing the very person you are going to start a life with.

First of all, it’s not a good omen to start a relationship by treating the girl as an object. The whole idea of objectifying a girl before marrying her is very nasty and uncomfortable for the bride to be. It also reinforces the power dynamic in favour of the larkay walay as this establishes their dominance from the get-go, judging the larki as if they have the perfect prince charming to offer in the said transaction. They exercise their powers and decide whether they like the girl primarily from her looks, to be the part of their home, which obviously is against the norms of gender equality.

People marrying your daughters this way are never going to treat them as an equal partner since they start off by showing their dominance in the relationship from the very start. It can definitely end up in marriage but not a very happy one of course.

Within those few minutes of serving tea, the girls are being judged for their looks, skin tone, walking or talking style, smile, eyes, height and what not! As a result, it leaves a very bad impact on the girls’ self-esteem for all their remaining life. Every rejection adds to their list of insecurities. Moreover, it also plays a vital role in promoting unequal gender roles and patriarchal stereotypes in society.

Rishta in Relatives or Family Friends

Usually, when you take this route, most of the marriages happening this way end up being marriages of convenience. We get to select from whatever options are available. It is entirely possible that rishtay available in the family are not your ideal choice but the only reason to marry them is that you already know them. The biggest disadvantage of these types of marriages is that compatibility is not considered as the key metric. Couples get to see each other’s compatibility after they get married, which is very late. If they don’t find compatibility, the only option they have at this point of time is to compromise for their whole life or enter the painful process of separation (which is highly unlikely since it's looked down upon by the samaaj). That is one strong reason why marriages of convenience are unlikely to result in happy marriages.

Rishta Aunty- The matchmaker lady

The Rishta aunty perhaps has become one of the most popular options to find a suitable rishta in Pakistan. After friends and family, most rishtay in Pakistan are carried out through rishta aunties. Truly speaking, they are incentivized to match the most rishtas they can to earn a decent living, so, rather than doing their job honestly, they use them to exploit people for their vested interests. Most of the times they do not show you all the suitable rishta profiles they have got, or are not honest about what they know completely, for the sake of more money they expect from the other party.

That’s just not it! Due to their own vested interest, they also hide many important facts from both the stakeholders in order to secure a hefty amount of money that they charge for their rishta service.

Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper

As we all understand that finding a suitable rishta is a hectic process. Those who are unable to rely on friends, family or Rishta Aunties take one more possible route. They give a matrimonial ad in the newspaper. This route also has many problems. The most common problem is the limitation of space. You cannot write all the important stuff along with the contact details in just a few lines. Hence this route is also not so effective when it comes to find suitable matches.

Barter Marriage; Watta Satta

Barter marriage or watta satta is a type of marriage, which is more common among the rural communities in Pakistan but not entirely absent in big cities either. The custom involves the simultaneous rishta commitment of a brother-sister pair from two households. People hunt these types of rishtas by making it conditional that if you marry our daughter with your son we will marry yours with our son. In order to understand the practice, one may want to wonder about the enthusiasms of parents, mostly fathers, who usually force their sons and daughters into these watta-satta marriages. They usually think that these matrimonies safeguard innate reciprocity, which permits a father to take care of the wellbeing of his daughter by involving it directly with the wellbeing of the sister of his son-in-law.

These types of rishtas have a very genuine problem that in case one married couple is happy but the other has issues, the happy couple also faces issues due to the other unhappy couple.

Therefore, the trend of watta-satta is declining rapidly. Nevertheless, it is still a long way to go!

Common Issues

There are various other problems in finding a suitable rishta through the aforementioned routes. Some of the most common issues are mentioned below.

First and the foremost is the lack of consideration of compatibility that serves as a primary factor for arranging suitable proposals for a particular individual.

That’s just not it! As all your details are public, you can become a victim of scams.

Moreover, the privacy of both parties is compromised, which at times becomes the need of the hour, when you are going to opt for new relationships and proves to be harmful during the process.

Unconventional Rishta Search and their Issues

It is quite obvious that traditions are hard to crack. Yet it is not entirely impossible to break the stereotypes and become a symbol for a positive change in the society. It is rightly said that when the traditions make you suffer, they become ineffective. Somebody needs to give them a good shake and greet them goodbye!

Other than the conventional way of finding a suitable rishta, sometimes people follow some unconventional ways as well. They fall in love with someone they meet at some point in life and decide to marry them. Usually, these are love marriages of which the chances of success are 50-50 as they are also not oriented to compatibility. People fall in love for one reason or the other but to spend whole life with someone is a different story. It is highly unlikely for both the suitors to find someone who is as dedicated and sincere in love as they are and things go in the same way for the whole life.

Social Media Rishtay

Finding your better half through social media has become a new trend. You meet someone on social media. You date them and marry them later through love cum arranged marriage, provided the family supports you. Nevertheless, if the family doesn’t support it, the couple gets married through the court. It also comes with a package of unique problems. People do not show up their real self on social media. They present themselves as someone they want people to perceive them as. If in case you fall for them, you literally Fall for them and when you find out their true nature, it becomes really late to take your life back to track without any damage. There have been many girls who were trapped on social media to marry people who were already married twice without letting them know. All this can end you up in unavoidable circumstances, which obviously no one opts for by choice.

Dating Rishtay

Furthermore, online dating websites have replaced all these traditional routes all over the world, especially European countries. As we all understand that the dating culture is still not very common in Pakistan due to religious implications and our moral and cultural values. Therefore, we as Pakistanis want to stick to the “proposal” culture, which has always been our primary approach to finding a suitable rishta either for ourselves or for any of our near and dear ones.

Despite of being against the cultural and religious implications, many people are using those dating sites and end up meeting non-serious and fake people there. As a result, there are very few dating partners who end up in marriage. People usually live together, have fun and leave excusing themselves not to be suitable for each other. Hence, there are almost none or very few Pakistani dating websites, which are really providing good service with background verification and parents’ involvement.

NetRishta- Rishta Online

Therefore, after considering the fact that dating is not our culture, it is inevitable to negate the fact that we are living in the age of connectivity. The whole world is just at the tips of our fingers through this Internet. So why not reliable Pakistani rishtay as well!

Sticking to our own cultural values and customs and utilising the power of internet, what we all need is an online matrimonial service which is really providing good service with background verification and parents’ involvement in order to save us from the demerits of all the conventional and unconventional ways of finding a suitable partner for Pakistani singles living in Pakistan and abroad.

Other than the dating websites, the trend of online matrimonial sites is taking over all these previously used conventional ways to find your better half online. However, in Pakistan the trend is still new. Moreover, there are almost no or very few sites, which offer matrimonial services to residents and overseas Pakistanis exactly through compatibility oriented matchmaking.

As a result, local or overseas Pakistanis still face a lot of difficulties to find their would-be partners online due to the absence of any reliable compatibility oriented matrimonial service. Additionally, those few available matrimonial websites, which are already there, offer only a few profiles against hefty membership fees and complicated features and payment options.

That is where netrishta comes in! Yes! You don’t have to do it all by yourself now. netrista.com is specially designed to cater to the specific needs for compatibility oriented matchmaking for Pakistanis living in Pakistan and abroad exclusively. Combining the features of online availability and cultural implications, netrishta is a one stop solution for all the problems related to the rishta hunt offering suitable rishta for Pakistani community living in Pakistan and abroad with proper background checking and vast numbers of profiles from different countries of the world.

netrishta offers easy to use features, simple profile making and management, compatibility oriented matchmaking system and all that in privacy you can rely on exclusively for Pakistani singles living in and overseas Pakistan. And guess what! TO REGISTER YOUR PROFILE ON NETRISHTA IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Therefore, finding a good rishta for Pakistani singles who are either living here as residents and abroad is not difficult at all. You can just make your profile in a few clicks and we will offer you the profiles that exactly match with the qualities you want to have in your would be partners after involving parents of all filing suitors. Moreover, we also have a very legitimate system of background check, through which we assign badges to all the profiles we have. These badges will be the endorsement of the background check we have carried out for you.

So what else are you waiting for!

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