NetRishta fulfilling the need of Online Rishta (Matrimonial) Websites in Pakistan

It’s a journey from drawing room rishta to Netrishta

As we all know, marriage is the beginning- the beginning of a new family, which involves a lifelong commitment. “I DO” are two very small words to say but they bring the beautiful burden of commitment that we make with our partners to be together in good or bad times throughout life till death do us part. In order to make these commitments last, the decision to marry someone must be made wisely. From this one decision comes 90% of your future happiness or misery.

When it comes to finding a suitable rishta, Pakistanis generally find their matches through a variety of ways. Every choice has its benefits and pitfalls.

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Why Girls and their Families Feel Insecure from Larkay Walas in Marriage

As we all belong to the 21st century, we claim that we have become a civilized nation. We, at times also believe in a myth that women have apparently achieved equality with men. Despite new emphases on women succeeding in the classroom and at work, our society still grows on patriarchal norms, which means that the society is still male dominant.

You would be thinking that what would be the opposite of patriarchy. The common answer we can think of matriarchy. No, The opposite of patriarchy is equality rather than matriarchy. And the solution to our problem also lies under the beautiful umbrella of this beautiful phenomenon.

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Why Marriages Fail In our Society

Pakistan is a country in which marriage is considered a sacred union. Islam teaches us to work towards building an effective relationship between the husband and wife and the option of reconciliation in case the marriage is falling apart. Yet, the growing rate of divorce in Pakistan is an alarming issue. It really is the little things that will eventually make or break a relationship. Let’s have a look at the most common causes of Marriage failure in Pakistan.

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