About NetRishta

NetRishta is created to provide a trustworthy, reliable and easy to use matrimonial platform dedicated to Pakistani community from all over the world. We have focused on Pakistani community living in Pakistan and abroad. NetRishta is a platform where Pakistani singles can find matches based on caste, language, education, profession, nationality and many other search variables. Here not only singles but parents can also create profiles for their eligible children, siblings can create profiles for their brothers and sisters to find a suitable rishta match. All profiles at our website show who has created the profile, the available options are: Self, Friend or family, Brother or sister, Parent.

Simple Registration

We understand you do not like to provide unnecessary information on match making websites. So, after research we have shortlisted and added important and necessary fields to profile creation process, it keeps the profile short, simple and to the point. The profile creation process is very simple and it takes few clicks to complete the profile. Our partner profile section gives you option to tell what kind of partner you are looking for. This helps the user viewing your profile if he/she matches your requirements. This helps establish two-way match making for our registered members.

Overseas Community

We have considered the issues overseas Pakistani community is facing related to marriage and finding rishta, so we have added nationality, residency status and visa category fields in profile. If user is registering from out side Pakistan then he/she has to provide his/her nationality, residency status and visa category, so the other users can have complete information related to his immigration status.

Messages and Chat

Instant communication is very important and that’s why we have created a real time chat where you can send and receive messages to your favourite profiles . You can see who is online, you can send messages to online members as well as to offline members.

If you don’t want to communicate to a member then you can block the user, who can be unblocked any time from Blocked users section.

Complete Privacy

We don’t share any of your contact details with any member or any third-party company. Your details are not used for marketing of any other product. At the moment we do not ask you for any contact information except your email, which you know is your login Id and a good source to keep you updated.

Manageable Email Alerts

We send you alerts related to your account by email when you are not online. You have complete control over these alerts, you can enable or disable them any time. All our emails contain links to a page where you can manage these alerts. You can also unsubscribe to all of these alerts at any time.

Overseas Pakistani Members

Sometimes, finding Pakistani rishta abroad is very difficult. We have undertaken the needs and requirements of Overseas Pakistani community and have designed our search and registration process that makes it easy for our users to find members in any country and city from all over the world.

Who is This Website for

Net Rishta is a website where Pakistani Single muslim and non muslim can find match for purpose of marriage (Shaadi) online.

Net Rishta is developed for Pakistani singles living around the world. Majority of our members are from Pakistan, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, Spain, Italy and other European countries.

Profiles by Parents

We know almost in every marriage in Pakistan parents are highly involved, so, during registration at Net Rishta users have to tell us who is creating this profile; it can be by user him/her self, by sibling (brother or sister) and parents of the profile holder. This gives opportunity to parents of Pakistani Singles to create profile on behalf of their daughters and sons for the purpose of finding right match for marriage.


This website is not only for Pakistani Single Muslims community, Net Rishta is for Pakistani Singles from all the religions and sectors of Pakistani community, This includes Pakistani Single Muslims, Pakistani Single Christians, Hindis, Sikh and all other communities living in Pakistan and Pakistanis living abroad.


We have also added community section for Pakistani Single Muslims, and users can choose from Muslim Sunni and Muslim Shia Community here, if a member belongs to any other Muslim community then choose others in community section.


We recommend you to tell us if you belong to other community and once we know that there are certain number of people from that community, we will add that to registration section.