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Why should I register on NetRishta.com?

Net Rishta is a leading matrimonial website for Pakistani Singles Muslim and non Muslim Singles living all over the world for purpose of marriage (Shaadi). To use our matrimonial features you should register and logged in at NetRishta.com, to avoid miss use of our services we have restricted access to non registerd members.

How do I register at NetRishta.com?

To register at NetRistha.com please click here to visit our rigistration page and provide the required information to be a registered member and to use matrimonial features of NetRishta.com

How long it takes to register on NetRishta.com?

There is a one page form to register at Net Rishta, you have to provide requested infomration and your profile is created. We send you an email to activate yoru profile and immediately your profile will be live and you can start using matrimonial features of NetRishta.com

Registration form seems very lengthy, Why I am being asked so much information?

Finding a life partner for marriage is very serious part or one's life. But we have asked only important information that can not be avoided for a matrimonial profile. This information includes; Personal infomration, Religion & Community infomration, Residential information and at last Educational & Professional Informaton. But if you want to tell more about your self then we have included a section for further details.

What is my Login ID to access my NetRishta.com account?

Can I change my email address after registeration?

No, you can not change your email address after registration. Email address is your User Name to login at NetRishta.com

What is my profile ID? Is it important?

If my Religion, Caste, Language, Country, State or City is not listed in registration form then what should I do?

What information I should provide in my profile?

All the information asked in Registration section is mandatory. To get response from most suitable Singles we receommend you to provide more information, you can do so by using More Details section in registration area. We also highly recommend to upload at least 3 pictures and to complete partner profile section; where you tell the visitors that what kind of partner you are looking for.

What information I Can Not include in my profile?

You are not allowed to include personal contact infomration, any website, email address or commercial infomration in your profile.

I am trying to register but I get an error that this email address already has an account at NetRishta.com, what does it mean?

It means that your email has already been used to create a profile. If you have forgot yoru password then click here to retreive your password or if you have not created this profile then please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Why should I provide information about my expected partner?

By providing information about your expected partner you tell your profile visitor what kind of partner you are looking for. If you do not provide partner information than you may get responses from unwanted people and it will waste your time while searching your partner. So, to get response from suitable singles we recommend you to provide information about your expected partner.


What is difference between Free and Premium Membership

As a free member of Net Ristha you can search profiles, send interests to other memebrs and reply chats & messages sent to you by premium members.

As a premium member you can use all the features of free membership and you can also initiate chats and send messages to other memebrs you have

Please click here to see complete list of features and comparison of free and premium memberships.

Who can use this website?

Your Personal Information safety and security
How can I get more response to my profile?
Can I hide my profile from selected members?


What benefits I get as a premium member?
How can I upgrade to premium membership?
How much is premium membership fee?
How can I pay premium membership fee?
Do you save my credit card information?
Will you charge my credit/debit card again when my membership is expired?
What happens when my premium membership is expired?
Can I gift NetRishta.com to someone?
I have received NetRishta.com membership as a gift, how can I avail it?
Is my membership fee refundable?
Can I transfer my premium membership to someone else?
I have gifted NetRishta.com membership to someone, but, he/she is not happy to use NetRishta.com, what Can I do now?
Picture Gallery
Why should I add pictures to my profile? Is it necessary to add my pictures?
Importance of Pictures in your profile
How can I add pictures to my profile?
How do I set or change my main profile picture?
How do I remove pictures from my profile?
Can I hide my pictures from other members?
What security options I have to protect my pictures?
What is Public picture gallery option?
My picture gallery is public, is it visible to all members
I have blocked a member; can he/she see my pictures when my picture gallery is public?
What is Private Picture Gallery option?
How to see pictures of a member if his/her picture gallery is private?
My picture gallery status is set to private, how can I show my pictures to other member?
Where can I see who is allowed to see my private picture gallery?
I allowed a member to view my private picture gallery, how do I stop him to view my pictures?
How do I request someone to show me his/her picture gallery? If he/she has set gallery status to private.
How can I search for profiles on NetRishta.com and what search options are available?
Can I search members who are currently online?
Can I see when last time a user logged in to his/her account?
What does “Not Important” mean in Advance Search?
What is Short List?
Can I see list of people who have seen my profile?
What is Block feature?
Can I see list of profiles I have blocked?
How can I unblock a profile that I have blocked in past?
Contacting Members
What is “Express Interest” feature?
What is Accept and Reject Interest means?
Can I Accept an Interest once I have Rejected it?
Can I Reject an Interest once I have Accepted it?
Can I cancel an Interest I have sent to a member?
How long my messages are kept on NetRishta.com database?
Can I retrieve a message that I have deleted?
Is there any restriction on number of messages I send?
Can someone search me with my name?
Is my profile searchable on Google, Yahoo and other search engines?
How can I block a member, so, he/she can not send me messages or interests?
What information a member can see if I have blocked him/her?
Can I search profiles of same gender?
Can I contact/send message or interest to a member of same gender?
How does “Request Picture” feature works?
I am unable to Login to my account
I forgot my username and/or password
Can I change my Email that I use to login?
I have created my profile, when this will be visible to other users?
I have uploaded my picture, when these pictures will become available on my profile?
What is Shortlist?
How many pictures I can upload in my picture gallery?
What is recommended size of picture to upload in my picture gallery?
How do I remove my profile?
Can I hide my profile from other users?
How many members I can contact?
How to Pay for Premium Membership?
How much is premium membership fee?
How can I pay premium membership fee?
I do not have credit or debit card. How can I pay my premium membership fee?
Do you save my credit/debit card information?
Will you charge my credit/debit card again when my membership is expired?
What happens when my premium membership is expired?
How to pay for Gift Premium Membership?
How long it takes to upgrade my membership after making payment?
I have paid offline, how do I activate my premium membership?
How to use?
How can I login to my profile?
I forgot my password, how can I access my account?
How do I change my password?
How do I know who is online right now?
Can I edit/change my profile information?
What Information I can change/edit in my profile?
Can I change my email address registered in my profile?
I can not see name of profile I am viewing?
Reporting a member